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October 7, 2018
Whitney prefers the life of a hermit, but occasionally must concede to being an adult and leave the house for her real, paying job, and to buy snacks. She lives in Oklahoma City with her beautiful partner Dani and their three incredibly spoiled pets. She enjoys movies, photography, and successfully avoiding other human beings.
CREEPS: spiders, whispers, the sound of breaking bones, social situations, children who stare at you, Precious Moments figurines, and walking past people in Walmart who look like they smell bad.
Dani is an anxious and forever sleepy, little bean. She lives off copious amounts of Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, & coffee. She is a lover of animals and all things cute, so much so, that she often cries when shown pictures of cute animals (or baby pictures of Whitney). She too enjoys that hashtag hermit life but can be coaxed out of the house with promises of trips to Target, a bookstore, and/or Starbucks. She also tends to be too wordy so she’s stopping here before she loses you (the reader). K byeeee.
CREEPS: Ghosts, holes (hey, trypophobia), crawlers, looking out of windows at night, crunchy bugs, weird body contortions, fingernails breaking off, men who follow you around in stores, doing anything in front of a crowd, and just people in general, until you’re a friend.
I hate the dogs. I killed a mouse once. Moms were ungrateful. I am easily annoyed by everything for no apparent reason.
CREEPS: vacuum cleaners, Finn, Tater Tot, other cats, people who don't live in my house, the outside.
Finn was adopted into Whitney and Dani's home in March of 2016 and he immediately (much to Josie's chagrin) made their little family complete. He loves snuggling on the couch and farts incessantly. He would like very much to have some of what you're eating... and honestly how could you possibly tell that face, "no"?
CREEPS: brooms, thunderstorms, running out of treats.
Tater Tot showed up on Whitney and Dani's porch on the morning of their third anniversary and adopted them as her new family. She loves chasing the cat, destroying toys, and sitting on Finn's head.
CREEPS: any noise over 0.0 decibels, Postmates drivers, dogs that come near my yard, people that come near my yard, leaves that blow across my yard.

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